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Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry about the sudden use of a Chinese title - it's the name of a detoxification product in Hong Kong.
The reason I mention this is because what happened to me recently, is like detox.
Well, rather than taking it voluntarily, I was/am forced to detox.
Sudden changes in our lives make us think. Especially if it makes what seems so stable become questionable, and require our full attention to solve the problem. Why this is happening was the question I asked. But after a few days, I kind of realise that this is like a detox programme for me.
It made me reflect on my own actions, what I've done, what I should have but not done. It's like a smack in my face to wake me up, to wake up my heart and my senses, which became so dull because of the repetitive everyday life and everything that I took for granted. It made me realise what is important in our lives, and more importantly, what it means by trusting in God and obey.
Dear heavenly Father thank you for giving me this detox programme. I/we, do not know what will come out of the detox programme, but I/we shall trust and obey.


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