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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The end of the tunnel

Finally..after 4 years, I am out of the tunnel.
I was chatting with a friend who is having similar experience. He described this as "walking in the dark". I think this is a very good description. Over the past 4 years I was like walking blind-folded. Being unable to see anything and with lost of obstacles, it was very difficult to go on.
I did not have faith on my own strength or wisdom - I never thought I have what it takes to graduate even before I started, and even now I feel that being able to walk out of this tunnel really is a miracle. The faith which kept me walking forward was that, for God to put me in here, there must be a purpose that I should serve. There must be a purpose to the process which I had to go through, and a purpose to the final result, whether I succeed or fail. And so, with the support of many people, I kept walking forward.
Praise the Lord. I am so blessed, to have by my side, my dearest Dad, brothers and sisters from church, family and friends. All of you, your prayers and support mean so much to me. And I'm so blessed to have a really supportive supervisor and lab colleagues. Thank you so much, everyone.
Mum, I did it.
Now that I am out of the tunnel, I look back at it. What really happened? What did I gain/lost? What purpose did I serve? I still can't see the answers to these questions. I may start to see them, little by little, in the years to come.
Ahead of me are many more tunnels which I'll have to walk through. I don't know what kind of tunnels they'll be like. But I believe, by walking with Jesus, by staying close to Him, by being obedient, I can walk through them all.


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