Life in a Shell
                     - Shell of Love

Monday, June 25, 2007

I am back~~~

I went to downtown Vancouver for a conference for a week. (For more description about Vancouver, just check Wikitravel. All Wikitravel lacks are these two little comments here:)
(1) Comparing to where I am now, downtown Vancouver is a nice and well planned city. All the roads are straight and getting lost is nearly impossible.
(2) Comparing to where I am now, it is so extremely clean - no cigarette butts, no spits, no dog poo, no any poo or the smell of ammonia.
The conference itself was great. Everyday was jam packed with lectures and workshops and I was exhausted. It was a great experience. Instead of having to sit forever in my office scartching my head trying to find out what's going on with just my computer and some research articles, for 3 and a half days in the conference, I was spoon fed all the latest information. It was gooooooood~~
Apart from that, I've discovered something else during my time in Vancouver. I missed home. I actually missed home!!!~ (eeerrr....for me, the word "home" may actually mean my room, my bed, my computer, the Internet, food, freedom, and of course, my Sweet potato.) Day and night, I was hoping that I could go home soon~~
Vancouver was a great place, but being "home" is better. I am back~

Friday, June 08, 2007

Life is...

Busy. Haven't got time to update my blog recently. Don't even have time to read the news properly - that's bad. Will try to put up some nice pictures once I've got time to...
End of my break now, got to go back to work. Today I am trying to cut some tissue sections on the cryostat (i.e. cutting tissue sections at -26 degree C). It's freezing off my left hand and now I can't type properly...