Life in a Shell
                     - Shell of Love

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Praise the Lord!!

Lord thank you, thank you, thank you!!~

Lord you are merciful, you are faithful, you listen to prayers, you are wonderful!!

Your ways are higher than our ways, your thoughts are higher than our thouhgts. Lord please continue to lead the way....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back in the UK

The past 2 weeks went so fast I felt like I haven't left the UK at all. So much happened and so much is going through my head now.

A decision was made.

My feeling now is a bit complicated. Emotionally I didn't want to let go...but looking at it sensibly...the problem that exists just wouldn't get better...that's why this decision was made...and both of us think it is the best for us now...

I do not know what tomorrow will be like...but I know HE holds the future, and I know HE holds my hands. We are all selfish, only God's love never fails.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Young Man's Tale

So on Sunday me and a bunch of friends were chatting with each other as usual in tea fellowship. And suddenly I got this idea of pulling this young man's outer coat's left sleeve real hard. As a result, his outer coat plus other clothes worn inside were all being pulled to a side revealing his bare shoulder.

And this is where it worths blogging about.

We screamed.

Not because he is particularly well-built or his skin is smooth as silk. But to our horror, there's a GREEN BRA STRAP.

Sorry, but I can't help it:


(**well later he explained that it's his wallet which he carries strapping across his shoulder...**)