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Friday, November 07, 2014


Sugar!! I need lots of sugar now!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Run run run run run run run run run run..

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Much like the birds;
the bird mommy needs to go to where there are worms and take the worms home, if not, what can she use to feed her babies who are in need of the food?
What if her babies don't think they need any food? Or if her babies refuse to be fed? The mommy...would still go and find food, store them up...and hope that one day she can convince her babies, or hope that her babies would realise, that they can't grow, or die, unless they take food.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's been a while since I last felt that I HAVE to find pen and paper to write some thoughts down. (I was on the train and didn't have my computer with me...) So this is what I wrote...
With a headache and feeling extremely tired and mentally exhausted, I still can't bring myself to rest. My heart is pounding so fast and holding back my tears, I wish I will arrive home quick and cry my heart out. I'm having such mixed feelings - but the element of sorrow isn't one of them. I'm overjoyed, but confused. I am excited about the changes that are to come, but I am also afraid of having to leave what I am at now. I don't want to leave home - BCCC.
BCCC, the place where I've gone through so much. Ups and downs, laughters and tears. And most importantly, this is where I turned to Christ, where I was baptised, where I receive my spiritual food, where I receive love and learn to give, where I have fellowship with brothers and sisters, where we support each other and grow in the love and words of God.
I can't stop my tears now. But I finally realise why my tears are flowing - it's thankful tears. Thanks Father for what He has done for me and will do for me, for all the blessings that I've received and yet to receive, for all the joy that I have because of knowing Him. Whatever lies ahead I need not be afraid because He'll lead me. He'll use me for His glory when I follow His plan. He is my rock, my strength, my shield, my comfort my all. Praise the Lord for He is worthy of our praise. Glory be to God and may everything that has breath praise Him!
"Shout for joy and sing your praises to the King,
Lift your hands and let your Hallelujah ring,
Come before His throne to worship and adore,
Enter joyfully now the presence of the Lord.

You are my Creator, You are my Deliverer,
You are my Redeemer You are Lord,
And You are my Healer,
You are my Provider,
You are my Shepherd and my Guide,
Jesus Lord and King I worship you."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Pit

I was trapped, chained down in a pit.
When I was freed, I was overjoyed. I thought to myself, finally, I can make a new start.
But then I realised, I am still down in the pit. How do I get out of it?
One way is to climb upwards, towards the blinding light.
The pit is deep. Not only it'll be a long way up, there are snakes and thorns, there are stones and rocks rolling down from above, there are more traps, which are more dangerous, and unavoidable.
There is another opening inside the pit. It doens't go upwards towards the blinding light, but it is a possible way out of the pit. I was told that it's long and winding with a lot of branches which could lead you to walk an unnecessarily long way.
While I am standing still here in the pit, thinking, everyone from outside is shouting "Just climb upwards already. It is the obvious way for you. For you were strong enough to free yourself from the chains of the trap, you have what it takes to reach the top. Stop thinking and just climb."
Little do they know, it cost an arm and a leg to struggle free from the chain, even though the chains were rusty and brittle to start with.
With the wounds still bleeding, I started climbing upwards under their compelling urges.
I raised my hands and hold onto the highest rock that I can reach. Using all the energy that I have left, I lifted myself up. Finally, I am off the ground.
Having been so focused on searching for a way out, I forgot what's inside the pit.
Underneath me, a hand stretched and grabbed my right ankle.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


So this is what EVERYONE should be aware of...
(Click on image to go to source - BBC news)

Friday, December 19, 2008


Sorry about the sudden use of a Chinese title - it's the name of a detoxification product in Hong Kong.
The reason I mention this is because what happened to me recently, is like detox.
Well, rather than taking it voluntarily, I was/am forced to detox.
Sudden changes in our lives make us think. Especially if it makes what seems so stable become questionable, and require our full attention to solve the problem. Why this is happening was the question I asked. But after a few days, I kind of realise that this is like a detox programme for me.
It made me reflect on my own actions, what I've done, what I should have but not done. It's like a smack in my face to wake me up, to wake up my heart and my senses, which became so dull because of the repetitive everyday life and everything that I took for granted. It made me realise what is important in our lives, and more importantly, what it means by trusting in God and obey.
Dear heavenly Father thank you for giving me this detox programme. I/we, do not know what will come out of the detox programme, but I/we shall trust and obey.